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This gallery shows broad categories of some of the processes that we use to create customer designed parts.  Please explore these processes for ideas on how we could create your specific design and then contact us for information.  Through these processes we are often able to supply smaller quantities for DIY, case quantities for distribution, or bulk quantity for OEM applications.  For specific examples that have been produced please visit our parts page.

Image - Processes 01, Progressive Rollforming.jpg


Rollforming is a high-speed method for forming metals.  It's ideally suited for long narrow parts like curtain rods, door tracks, and channels.  Coupled with other equipment, we can incorporate cutouts, holes, and notches in the rollformed part.  Plus we make roll tooling in-house using CAD design tools and CNC turning.  Contact us to discuss your project.

Image - Processes 02, Fiber Laser Cutting.JPG


Fiber Laser Cutting uses concentrated energy generated by LED's and delivered through fiber optic cable, coupled with precision motion control to make quick, accurate cuts.  We can cut fine detail in a variety of materials including difficult to cut brass, aluminum and copper, along with steel, stainless steel and more.  From art on the computer to cut parts in minutes.  Contact us to discuss laser cutting for your parts.

Image - Processes 03, Plastic Injection Molding.jpg


The Plastic Injection Molding process heats plastic pellets to melt, then injects the melt into a mold cavity and ejects the solidified part.  We do small part molding in a variety of materials and colors.  Plus, our capabilities for CNC and EDM machining let us make molds in-house, along with excellent mold and resin supply partners, helps to control startup costs.  Contact us for small part injection molding.

Image - Processes 04, Stamping (900 Series Die).jpg


Stamping uses a die mounted in a power press for quick and efficient cutting and forming of metals.  Many different parts and part features are produced by the stamping process.  We have experience with single-station, progressive and transfer dies for small part production.  Our in-house machine shop makes the dies we use for production in our presses up to 65-tons.  Contact us for your small part stamping needs.

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