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This gallery shows broad categories of some of the customer designed parts we have produced.  Please explore and consider the parts we can make for you then contact us for information.  Often, we can supply smaller quantities for DIY, case quantities for distribution, or bulk quantity for OEM applications.  Let us know what you need and we'll respond with how we can help.  If you don't find exactly what you want check out our processes to create a custom part for your unique needs.

Image - Parts 01, Braces and Brackets.jpg

Braces & Brackets

Image - Parts 03, Ducting Couplings.jpg

Ducting Couplings

Image - Parts 05, Wire-Rope Rings and Bands.jfif

Wire-Rope Rings and Bands

Image - Parts 07, Custom Assemblies.jfif

Custom Assemblies

Image - Parts 04, Drawers Slides & Components.jpg

Drawer Slides & Components

Image - Parts 02, Ducting Connectors.jfif

Ducting Connectors

Image - Parts 06, Drip Moldings.jpg

Door & Windows Drip Moldings

Image - Parts 08, Assorted Parts.jpg

Assorted Parts

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