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Grace Manufacturing, Inc. produces a line of connectors and couplings used with fabric covered wire ducting. Uses include splicing duct sections, coupling duct lengths and the coupling of ducts to auxilliary equipment.

J-Lock Connectors are comprised of an outer pin-ring and an inner slot ring, which are secured to opposite ends of a length of duct.  In use, the slot ring of one duct is inserted into the pin-ring of the adjacent duct;  rotating the duct locks the rings together without the use of any tools.

J-Lock Connector Bands (Optional) are pre-pierced to align with the ring mounting holes and are used to sandwich the duct fabric helping to prevent tear-out.

Collapsed Storage Wires (Optional) are resistance welded to each ring so that when a duct section is not in use it can be collapsed lengthwise and the storage wires hooked together holding the duct to shortened length for storage.

Constrution: J-Lock Connector rings are made of 20-Gauge, 304 Stainless Steel with a 2B finish and feature T.I.G. welded, butt-joint seams for a smooth circumference. Lock pins are of solid Stainless Steel, cold-headed into the ring.

Bands: (Optional) are of 0.020"X 5/8" 304 Stainless Steel. Storage Wires are 3/16" Dia. Stainless Steel wire resistance welded to each connector ring.

Sizes: Standard sizes are designed for fabric covered wire duct 12, 14, 16, 20, and 24 inches in diameter. Other sizes are easily produced but require custom set-ups and a 12 piece minimum order.

Aluminum Sleeves allow fabric duct to be spliced by placing the sleeve inside each end of the splice and securing with band clamps. Made of 0.040" X 4" Aluminm with T.I.G. welded butt joint seam and a roll-formed rib on each edge to help retain the band clamp.

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