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DuraGlide® Is A Registered Trademark of Grace Manufacturing, Inc.

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     The DuraGlide slide system is a Grace patented product and is the latest offering added to the
     Grace Manufacturing, Inc. hardware line-up. The DuraGlide utilizes two steel tracks, coupled
     by a high-density polymer bearing to provide  smooth,  captive drawer action.  The innovative
     flex-arch out-stop  helps prevent  inadvertent   drawer disengagement  and yet allows for easy
     drawer removal.  All these features  plus easy installation,  and  economical pricing  make the
  DuraGlide an outstanding value.

          Description: The DuraGlide is a center, under-mount, 3/4-extension drawer slide comprised of two steel tracks
          coupled by a high-density polymer bearing that is permanently affixed within the case track. The case track is
          precision rollformed 18-gauge steel with a hot-dipped anti-corrosion finish. The drawer track is rollformed of
          19-gauge steel with hot-dipped anti-corrosion finish. The bearing is injection molded from a specially selected
          high-density polymer resin compounded for wear resistance, toughness, and self-lubricating properties. As
          assembled, the DuraGlide slide measures approximately 1-1/2" in width by 23/32" in height. Lengths are
          continuosly variable and produced to specification for each application.

          Application: The DuraGlide slide can be used in any application utilizing traditional drawer and face-frame
          construction. For proper slide operation the clearance between the drawer-bottom and the top of the parting rail
          should measure between 0.720" and 0.760". This measurement is consistant with typical construction practice
          having a drawer bottom offset of 5/8" and using a 1/8" corner glide. The DuraGlide will directly replace many
          popular center, under-mount drawer slide styles including: metal-cleat/wooden tee and two-piece steel rail

          The DuraGlide can be used in applications having drawer and case depths of 10-inches and greater.   Drawer
          tracks and case tracks are produced in continuously variable lenghts to fit the application. Applications having
          drawer depths greater than   18-inches  require a double bearing case track   to support the load of the longer

          Specifications: DuraGlide drawer tracks and case tracks are ordered separately by model number based upon
          lengths necessary for each application. Drawer tracks and case tracks are packaged separately, 50 pieces per
          carton. Minimum order quantity is 50 pieces per model number.

          Use: Install drawer by tipping drawer front up and engaging the drawer track into the bearing. Once engaged
          operate the drawer as normal.   Remove drawer by grasping drawer sides for stability and forcefully pulling to
          overcome the flex-arch out-stop.

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